On Impermanence
Video by Ulrike Mothes
Camera: Vijay S. Kumar / Sound Design: Yashas Shetty
3:11 min / HDV / stereo
India 2008
The single shot video On Impermanence is a view from the artist’s window of a power station at a suburban location in Bangalore, South India. The Power station/refinery is a symbol of industrialization in its past tense. Despite itself it still exists with a confidence of having defended its position over a long period as an industrial landmark for it was also marked by unhealthiness. It is nestling among comfortable apartment complexes that result from the steady growth of the city. The refinery is progressively expecting its inevitable end due to the shrinking oil resources. Although it continues to exist the traces of its death overshadows its existence and hence it is now melancholic and marked by nostalgia and inviting contemplation.The video is a formal investigation of vertical and horizontal aspects that are transformed by the meditative flow of the ethereal flow of smoke. What began with the insistent and continuous sound emerging from the refinery (that refused to turn off) gradually morphed itself into a meditative monastic extension, which is at once a disturbing, and soothing experience.
Dr. Vasanthi Dass