EBAY.COM(DEC 25TH, 2006)

(Electronics, Pop Song, Ebay.com)

Curated by Rebekah Modrak, Aaron Ahuvia and Zackery Denfeld,of the University of Michigan,Ann Arbor ebayaday consists of 25 auctions
(one each day) in which the entire eBay listing (item for sale, descriptive
text and imagery and placement within chosen categories) is the artwork. Works presented in the
show exploit, redefine or underscore eBay’s potential in the exchange of
ideas, objects and money.Disposable pop songs was set to be auctioned off on the 25th of December, 2006 on ebay. An electronic chip dispensed an original pop song as you turned the knob. The song degenerated after 4 plays forcing the user to dispose the song.


Sun Pop Blue

Disposable songs Mark 3